Important Information for St Paul/Minneapolis Businesses

Dear Clients: I am sure you have heard in the news of the Minneapolis and St Paul Earned Sick and Safe time ordinance that have recently been adopted by these cities. It looks like these will go into effect on July 1, 2017. Attached are documents about this leave time. Here are some of the highlights. They are pretty much the same except for who it applied to: 1) It…  Read more

Signs it’s time to upgrade systems

Most small business owners can’t afford to think small. They always need to keep their mind on growth strategies to help them achieve long-term profitability. But becoming profitable in the first place often requires business owners to work long hours on a shoe-string budget. They don’t always have time to implement systems that will support them when they’re ready to scale. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to use free or…  Read more

Year End Payroll Reports and W-2’s

Each year we get the question “when are we getting our W-2’s??”. The W-2’s will be ran after the year end payroll reports and final payroll deposits are made for 2016. That means we will start running them on the 15th of January and have them all to you by the deadline of January 31st. We will be sending the W-2’s to you, the owner, and you can either hand…  Read more

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